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We provide a wide range of solutions for your fiscal and allocation flow metering.

Service and Commissioning

We can provide a wide range of commissioning and start-up services for liquid and gas fiscal and allocation metering systems:

  • Commissioning and start-up lead engineer services
  • Prover loop set-up and calibration assistance
  • Auto-sampler set-up
  • Flow computer and control systems commissioning and on site start-up configuration
  • Instrumentation, flow meters and control valves set-up
  • FAT and SAT witnessing and execution.

Flow Computer Programming and Software Solutions

Expert flow computer configuration and programming:

  • S600, OMNI, SUMMIT flow computers
  • Configuration of flow computer application and I/O to client specification
  • Custom features
  • Existing software modifications
  • Assurance of compliance with ISO and AGA standards
  • Reference calculation verification
  • On-site programming and integration




We undertake complex software and hardware fault finding on metering systems and associated control and instrumentation systems:

  • Flow computer issues
  • Panel electrical faults
  • Flow meters and instrumentation fault investigation and repairs
  • System communication problems
  • Software related issues
  • Process related problems

Gas Chromatographs and Analysers

We are experienced with a wide range of chromatographs and gas quality analysers:

  • Daniel, ABB and Yamatake chromatographs set-up, fault finding and service
  • Performance assessment in accordance with ASTM D1945:1996 and GPA 2261:1995
  • Pressure conditioning systems set-up and maintenance
  • Lag time calculations
  • H2S, H20, 02, Wobbe index, BS&W analysers

Routine Maintenance and Consulting

We understand the importance of routine and preventive maintenance, with our help assuring compliance and trouble free operation of your metering system will be easy:

  • Instrumentation calibration and loop checks
  • Flow computer calculation verification and input/output checks
  • On-site metering support
  • Technical evaluation of metering systems.
  • Hazardous area inspections
  • Dedicated training and coaching


IT, HMI, SCADA and Control Systems

Our expertise with set-up and maintenance of IT, HMI and SCADA systems will ensure smooth operation of your metering system:

  • Set-up of servers and networks
  • Repairs and fault investigations
  • 3rd part systems communication
  • Operating system and software issues
  • Data back-up and system restoration
  • PLC controllers (AB Control Logix 5000 programming)

Flow Measurement • Control Systems • Software • Service • Commissioning • Analysers

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